The Tale of Bovina: a tragic cow story was published in The Daily Nexus (Santa Barbara) and The Stranger (Seattle) in the early 1990's. It was probably my most popular comic strip. It is about a cow who is untimely ripped from her mother's womb and leads a life in search of freedom and justice. Bovina begins with her being conceived in a small village dominated Murdero, the new butcher who kills Hefiera after Bovina's father, Cattello horns himself to death. In Bovina's adventures she inadvertently kills an ant collective and frees Aphida, an enslaved ant cow. Together they travel through the center of the Earth to India. Aphida dies upon their arrival and a depressed Bovina bids the reader farewell. This ending was created because I was leaving the United States to live in Europe for several years and I wanted to complete the cartoon. The series was then compiled and self-published in 1991 and sold at Pluto Books in Isla Vista and other locations. (if you click on the page and only get a small image, click again to zoom)