Min Magazine and Vector Drawings

Min was a magazine of minimalism, which was distributed every full moon to a small audience. It was a project to explore what minimalism could be and was a reaction to magazines like Real Simple, which were just like every other magazine in terms of production, size and distribution. It was clear from the start that Min needed to only be one page and very shy. The one page started off busy and what seemed fitting was to devolve Min into a state of nothingness after a year and a half. What became interesting was how using easily reproducible characters changed the way a drawing was made. Min Man, Genghis Khan on Horseback, Desert Snowman wearing a sombrero, cacti, leaves, bowling pins soon became minimal patterns that took over the issues. The vector art, set in the pdf file could also be explored by zooming in to the image in Adobe Acrobat. This became very important in an issue like the one that followed the September 11, 2001 tragedy. For that issue Min Man sat in his office talking on his phone to his wife with a picture of his family on his desk. This office was replicated and stacked into two towers, but the personal details needed to be zoomed in on. Min was emailed and never resided on the web because it needed to be free of a web host and a constant presence.