The Search for Depa

The Search for Depa is the second comic book in the trilogy: Infinous Space, The Search for Depa, DIOVOID. Unlike Infinous Space, which ran 2,000 copies, The Search for Depa was not mass printed. It was drawn when the author John Beckman (The Winter Zoo) read Infinous Space and suggested I continue the series. The Search for Depa was made in 2003. The story picks up where Infinous Space ended, my falling asleep after losing a friend named Depa. In The Search for Depa, I am determined to find Depa, who has apparently died on this planet but resides with her cats on Mars (Planet Mexico). My father reveals to me that I am clone of him and that my mother is actually a robot. He makes me a special dream helmet to navigate my dreams. Eventually I end up on Planet Mexico, Depa's dreamworld, but Edgar Allan Poe is terrorizing the inhabitants. The Search for Depa spans dual New Jersey universes, the Forest of the Dogmen, Planet Mexico and Colonial Williamsburg through dreams and portals.