For several years (2004-2008) I created editorial drawings for Logos: a journal of modern society & culture.

"Logos is a quarterly journal of modern culture, politics and society that features articles on the arts, politics, culture, the social sciences and humanities as well as original fiction and poetry."

Not unlike my earlier work for The Daily Nexus, I read the articles and came up with an image that complemented and summarized the authors' ideas. My very first drawing was for an article about Lula da Silva. Lula was elected president of Brazil and the article was about his being the very first "worker" president in the Americas. So I created a drawing where the flag of Brazil became the surface of a road and the blue circle with "ordem e progresso" became a manhole cover, lifted and resting on the flag. A white ladder sticks out of the hole showing that this president has either come up from the lower rungs of society or that he has rolled up his sleeves and gone under the image of Brazil to fix things.