The New School and The Fall of Korebus

I attended the The New School between 2002 and 2006, where I received my Master's Degree in Media Studies. My 115 page thesis was on the relationship of image and text, which included a lot of writing, a lot of drawings, a website, audio interviews, a comic book and a graphic novel.

The graphic novel was called 2020: The Fall of Korebus. It is about a fictitious land, Korebus, where only images live. The main characters, Art Clip and iCandy, are clipart stock photography images of models. The graphic novel starts with Art and iCandy hanging out in their swanky apartment. A revolution starts outside their window and the National Museum of Stock Photography is looted and burned. Images of Art and iCandy are mutilated as they watch. The crowd of unknown characters wants their heads so they put on Burkas and escape through the city's sewers with the assistance of Subby the Submarine but they are killed by a sea monster. Subby drags them to shore and signals for help from Helicoptress, who brings them to a clearing in the woods where they are discoverd by Bovina and Beagle-4357. They are brought to my trailer in the mountains of Santa Barbara (where I once lived), where I am drawing comics. With machete in hand Beagle-4357 and I work our way through the jungle to the Valley of the Cats and trade a television for two hearts. The transplants are made back at my trailer and Art and iCandy are revived. But they are doomed in Korebus so I redraw them as unsuspecting characters to smuggle them out into the real world where they can reestablish their careers. I create a comic called Coffee Break. In it, Art is recreated as Fill-up "a dying, blind, scruffy Bohemian musician with an undying adventurous spirit". iCany is reincarnated as Sweet-n-Low (a.k.a. Sweetie) "a perky waitress/aspiring actress always one day away from the role that would make her famous". Fill-up is a constant in the joint and the whole comic is about their conversations. Coffee Break becomes a huge hit and is published all over the world. Art and iCandy love their new lives and feel freer than ever before. Art even requests to not have his eyes drawn back on him. After leading a life of vanity and egotism the darkness was soothing and not stressful.